Nilay Shah was born in 1994. He is an author of અસંમત / Asammat, a Gujarati novel published in July, 2016. For Nilay, the exact point when the passion to write took over him is difficult to identify.

Ever since early childhood has he loved creating tales out of anything that came his way. Having written his first story at the age of 6, Nilay went on to write short stories, directed short films and plays before penning down his debut novel Asammat in 2014, at the tender age of 19 while simultaneously pursuing Chartered Accountancy and graduation. Once he was done with his studies in 2015, he made attempts to publish his book, and then penned down the English version of the same tale - A Life to Die For.

At present, he is laying down the structure for his second novel, to be originally written in English and Gujarati. Nilay is determined to create things that can stand apart from the rest, that can create a place of their own in the hearts [as well as minds] of recipients.



‘She doesn’t know who she is.’ The diverse voices emanating from all the corners of Kashwarg are blending into a consensus to create a tune never opined before, 'Nor does she realise yet what her Baba has caused her to be victim of.' 'But, she will.' 'One day, she will adopt this world now stranger to her as hers.' 'The whole of Kashwarg will be the light on her path to her freedom.' 'Kashwarg will be ready to be at disagreement with anything there can be, if that is what is demanded of it in this quest to bring her justice.'

'But, what if time comes, when truth unveils itself and there remains nothing to fear but one's own self? 'Will Kashwarg be able to protect its stand at such dawn of darkness?'

Will you be able to protect your opinions from your own self?

અસંમત / ASAMMAT

‘આપનું સ્વાગત છે કાશ્વર્ગમાં!’ રાજ્યનાં ખૂણે ખૂણેથી ઉદભવી રહેલા અસ્તવ્યસ્ત અવાજો સંગઠિત થઈને કોઈ એક નવી ધૂન રચી રહ્યા છે, ‘ કાશ્વર્ગ - પૃથ્વી પરનું સ્વર્ગ! ખરેખર?’ ‘ઇતિહાસ કદી સંઘરી ના શકે, તેવા ગુના એ માણસ- એ દાનવ આચરી ગયો, અને કાશ્વર્ગ શું કરી જ શક્યું?’ ‘સજા તો એને મળશે જ, આખું કાશ્વર્ગ આપશે એને સજા!’ ‘અનુષાને ન્યાય અપાવવાની કવાયતમાં જો તેને ધર્મ, રાજ, અર્થ, વિજ્ઞાન, કળા, સંસ્કાર, વિશ્વાસ, કલ્પના, સંબંધ, લાગણી, કર્મ કે અસ્તિત્વ- એ દરેક અસંમતિ વડે ચિરાઈ જવું પડે, તો પણ મંજૂર હશે.’ ‘પણ એક સમય આવશે , જયારે પ્રત્યેક કાશ્વર્ગીએ ખુદની સાથે જ અસંમત થવું પડશે, શું એ સમયે કરી શકશે તે પોતાના દરેક મતનું રક્ષણ?’


શું તમે કરી શકશો પોતાના દરેક મતનું રક્ષણ?